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Property information and maps

Cloud-based subscription services and syndicated data feeds of real property parcels.

ParcelAtlas is industry’s largest, most current. online national parcel layer, ready to vastly
reduce all your property transaction costs. Powered by Boundary Solutions, Inc. (BSI)’s *USPTO compliant National ParcelMap Data Portal (NPDPTM ) content; the deployment platform is ISC’s MapDotNet™ based on Microsoft’s latest technology for ultra convenient interface and the fastest available performance. Screenshot

The ParcelAtlas allow users to search and visualize over 66 million property parcels in 660 counties throughout the US using a consumer friendly Silverlight application or through a web-services API.

  • Ad-hoc lookups and searches based on APN, Owner Name or Address
  • Property parcel maps, searches and analysis through a web-services API
  • Data downloads and direct queries
  • Property parcel map overlays for integrating with Microsoft Bing Maps™, Google Maps™ or Open Layers
  • Build rich interactive Silverlight and WPF applications

Parcel geometry is stored in a SQL Server 2008 database from which it can be rapidly rendered and searched. Application data is displayed over a Bing Maps map that can display road or aerial views. opens with an overview of the coverage area.

What services are offered?

We offer subscription services that provide your organization with access to the normalized property information you need, over the NPDP coverage area in the United States, using a flexible delivery model.

  • Use the consumer friendly Silverlight mapping application to perform ad-hoc lookups and searches.
  • Access our cloud-based web services to integrate parcel maps, searches and analysis in your applications.
  • Access our cloud-based data sets in the form of data downloads and direct queries through our web service interface.
  • Access our map tile set for tile based mapping; compatible with Microsoft Bing Maps™, Google Maps™ or Open Layers

coverage area

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